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The primacy of gut biomes

Angelo Coppola’s LatestInPaleo podcast always make me nod and gasp in agreement and epiphany, but episode #119 made me holler. Gut biomes! Who knew they could be so exciting? Consider this. The health of our gut bacteria directly correlates to our own health–not only our digestive health, but our whole body and mind health. It […]

Is paleo bad for the environment?

To those who say paleo (or any particular way of eating) is “bad for the environment” (the supposed latest critique from the mainstream media): I’m finding I’m just too tired to get nit-picky over what are overwhelming highly-generalized and totally-missing-the-point arguments. I find us, in the paleo community, repeating ourselves a lot, and people STILL […]

“You don’t eat a lot of meat, right?”

Ahhh, it happened again! I was asked, “You don’t eat a lot of meat, right?” I often get mistaken for a vegetarian, or close to it (a “flexitarian”). Why would someone think that? Because they see me as a “healthy eater,” and therefore I must not eat a lot of meat, because we all know […]

One-Pot Oyster Stew Recipe

One-Pot Oyster Stew Recipe | They Call Me Oystergirl

Start cooking something in the onion family. Pictured: chives. Strain 1 dozen shucked oysters to separate meat from juice (liquor). Add oyster meat to onions. Cook until the edges of the oysters start to ruffle. Add oyster liquor and 2 cups of milk and/or cream. Cook until broth steams but does not boil. Seasonings (very […]

Rhode Island Grazing Party, 6/14/14 – local and real food, paleo cookout – includes recipes

Patrick of New England Grass Fed on the grill

On Saturday, June 14, I hosted a grazing party and potluck at my home in Cranston, RI. It featured samplings from New England Grass Fed‘s top quality beef and talks with proprietor Patrick Beck about his animals and his methods. Also up for sampling were products from local food producers Rachael Bakes and The Local Catch, […]

San Juan Restaurant Reviews –

Martinis at Oliva Dieta Mediterranea - - They Call Me Oystergirl

Dining Around San Juan During Saborea “Saborea Puerto Rico, is a three-day food festival and celebration of classic and modern Puerto Rican food and drink — a wonderful gastronomic experience that also provided a chance to dine at some of San Juan’s classiest and most classic, trendiest and world-renowned restaurants.” Click here to read the […]

Casa Cortes Chocolate Bar –

Casa Cortes Chocolate Bar - - They Call Me Oystergirl

Cortes ChocoBar: The Sweetest Shop in Old San Juan “Cortés chocolate is a staple for both consumers and retailers in the Caribbean, and this chocolate café, or chocolaterie, is a new venture for the company. The Cortes ChocoBar offers breakfast and lunch, a wine bar, and of course, lots and lots of chocolate, in many […]

Saborea Puerto Rico Food Festival –

Saborea Puerto Rico Food Festival | | They Call Me Oystergirl

Saborea: A Top Culinary Festival in Puerto Rico “Saborea Puerto Rico is the island’s premier annual culinary festival, held each spring in San Juan. Run by the Puerto Rico Hotel & Tourism Association, Saborea is held in tents on beautiful Escambron Beach and takes full advantage of its gorgeous setting. It’s an outdoor festival that’s […]

Discover Mofongo, Puerto Rico’s Must-Try Food (

Mofongo | They Call Me Oystergirl

A piece I wrote for “What is one dish that people who visit Puerto Rico must try?” I got the chance to ask this question of several chefs who were participating at the Saborea food festival, held annually in the spring in San Juan. Four chefs were from Puerto Rico: Giovanna Huyke, the “Julia […]

Lechón (Puerto Rican Pig Roast) – + alternate ending

Lechón (Puerto Rican Pig Roast) | They Call Me Oystergirl

After a recent press trip to the Saborea Puerto Rico food festival, I wrote an article for Caribbean Travel about lechón, Puerto Rico’s national dish. Loving Lechon in Puerto Rico Spit-roasted pork is a national treasure that brings friends and family together I grew up in New England, where a common festive meal was […]