RI WAPF: Vanessa Query, Patrick Beck on bone broth, pastured beef

Vanessa Query of They Call Me Oystergirl | Patrick Beck of New England Grass Fed | Weston A. Price Foundation Providence, RI | bone broth and pastured beef

On Wednesday, March 26, I did a presentation on bone broth—its health benefits, traditional preparations, and uses—at our local Providence, RI Weston A. Price Foundation chapter meeting. I was joined by Patrick Beck of New England Grass Fed, who spoke about rotational grazing strategies, animal health supported by forage-based diets, the nutritional profile of grass-fed beef, […]

Sh!t Feminist Parents Say

Sh!t Feminist Parents Say | Vanessa Query | They Call Me Oystergirl

We present an honest and hilarious look at the trials and tribs of raising a child in today’s complicated patriarchal society.

Good Hygiene Is Not Always What You Think It Is (Part 2)

Good Hygiene is not always what you think it is | They Call Me Oystergirl

In part 1 of “Good Hygiene Is Not Always What You Think It Is”, I began the story of how I changed from the constantly-compulsively-cleaning agent of mainstream synthetic hygiene I grew up as, to the crunchy, hairy, au natural, only mildly dirty hippie you smell before you. It began when I was 20 and continued […]

Good Hygiene Is Not Always What You Think It Is (Part 1)

Good hygiene is not always what you think it is. | They Call Me Oystergirl

I have a very live-and-let-live approach to my hygiene. I agree to not bludgeon my body’s natural cleaning processes into submission with the use of synthetic commercial products, and in exchange, my body stays clean and socially acceptable with just a tiny amount of work on my part. I was not always this way. I […]

Chocolate Raspberry Cookie Recipe (paleo, grain-free, gluten-free, dairy-free)

Paleo Chocolate Raspberry Cookies | They Call Me Oystergirl

I’m quite new to this whole baking thing. I feel lucky in that I don’t have the standard knowledge of baking to have to unlearn. I wouldn’t know what to do if you dropped white flour, white sugar, and Crisco in front of me, but give me some almond flour, eggs, and coconut palm sugar, […]

Oysters: A Round-up of Odes and Recipes

Oysters: A Round-up of Odes and Recipes

I bet you never guessed that I like oysters. I really, really like oysters. I like them so much, I named both myself and my blog after them. The reason I named myself and my blog after them is because, to me, oysters represent the fresh, simple, nutrient-rich foods I love and seek. I do […]

Imbibed in January

Imbibed - Link Love (They Call Me Oystergirl)

im•bibe. verb. 1.) to consume, to drink; 2.) to absorb, to soak up; 3.) to take or receive into the mind, as knowledge, ideas, or the like. IMBIBED is monthly link love. It features links to posts by blogging comrades that I dig. It’s categorized based on my own blog’s categories. Recipes Apple Almond Twists~{Paleo, […]

The Meaning of “Critical”

The Meaning of "Critical" | They Call Me Oystergirl

I talk a lot about being critical of the mainstream. I’ve written a lot of critical things, like on the true meaning of the word “natural”, my own definition of paleo, my pregnancy and birthing experience, and on being contrary. But always—always—I see a lot of misunderstanding about what it means to be critical, and a […]

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Banana Carob Cake Recipe (paleo, grain-free, gluten-free, dairy-free)

Banana Carob Cake Recipe| paleo, grain-free, gluten-free, dairy-free | They Call Me Oystergirl

I’m not much of a baker. I do most of my cooking on the stovetop. But I’ve been getting more and more comfortable with paleo baking recipes. I have a pretty perpetual sweet tooth. But, being prone to low blood sugar and digestive ills, I try to lay off the desserts. And I like them […]